Beyond Conventional Studio

Beyond Conventional Studio is a private studio. We provide a variety of private classes along with group events, private parties for children and adults as well as fundraising events. We offer a clean, well lit studio for our students.  We highly encourage creative learning through experimentation and play allowing you to step beyond the conventional way of doing things.

Elisa Livelsberger  Owner/Teacher

Elisa Jane Livelsberger graduated in 1996 from Delone Catholic High School. Born and raised in Hanover Pa, Elisa now resides in New Oxford Pa, on a quaint Farmette

She is the owner, operator and teacher of Beyond Conventional Studio Located in downtown Hanover Pa. BCS is  designed to be inviting, relaxing and inspirational. The perfect environment to help you discover and fine tune your creative spark.
With her incredible, natural, inborn ability to see detail and features, Elisa has created works of art in an aesthetic, soul-stirring way. She can recognize the beauty and depth in all things and remarkably pulls them to the surface in every piece she creates. From very simple to very complex, her commitment, hard work and attention to detail all shine forth in every work of art. She takes great pride in accomplishing projects.
Elisa has a calm, patient, relaxed and adaptable personality. She is a joy to work with, easy to learn from.
She has experience teaching kindergarten through eight grade in a private school setting and has taught privately for a years.

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Bird and Berries

Block print and watercolors